LOL Dirty things
I seriously want to be fingered by a stranger in public

No joke I want this to happen. I want to be wearing a short skirt/dress in public and let strangers touch me so inappropriately. Like be on a subway and have some random behind me start caressing me on the down low but I wouldn’t stop him/her (her would be even hotter) they could do whatever until one of us had to get off. Or I could be waiting for a drink at a bar. The list goes on and on.

Another thing I really want is to be in a situation where my pussy would be “accidentally” exposed. Then if someone had the guts to approach me and tell me I would act totally shocked and as a reward offer to let them adjust my garments. It would be super fun to see just how much adjusting I would need.

So if I know I am going to be in a crowd I go commando. So far people are just too polite. :(